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Avsalt was funded as a Swedish company with the aim to build a commercial system for water desalination. Today Avsalt has its headquarter based in Lund and the R&D is running at Delft. The development of Avsalt’s desalination device is carried at TU Delft in close association with the Department of Process and Energy.


Avsalt was conceived in 2012 by Niels Boon after his doctoral research at Utrecht University. While studying the means to harvest energy from mixing of river and sea water in estuaries, he realized that the reverse process of converting electrical energy into salinity gradients will be important for desalination. In 2017, Niels relocated the work from Amsterdam to Lund where Niels developed the first prototype capable of desalting water using porous carbon electrodes.


2018 Avsalt AB was born in Lund where work begun on building a commercial system for water desalination. Today Avsalt AB has its active R&D running in Delft. Niels Boon is perfecting the desalination device at TU Delft in close association with the Department of Process and Energy.
Mohamad Takwa

Mohamad Takwa


Dr. Mohamad Takwa has a PhD in biotechnology from the KTH University of Stockholm and has been involved in the establishment and early-stage of multiple successful innovation-based companies. Mohamad has contributed to more than 10 publications & 3 patents and has worked at multiple renowned European research institutions. Mohamad combines his passion for science and innovation to help cutting edge bio- & cleantech technologies from bench to market. He has co-founded several successful biotech and cleantech start-ups like: Bioextrax AB, Thyrolytics AB, Spermosens AB and Avsalt AB.

Svein Erik Sogn

Svein Erik Sogn


Svein Erik is a holistic and customer centric leader with over 3 decades of experience as a management consultant and leader within branding, business development, project management, digitization and sustainability. 

In addition to being an entrepreneur for ten years he has experience from several industries like retail & horeca (PepsiCo), Internet and e-commerce, media and advertising, banking and insurance (Bank of Åland and Alandia Insurance). Svein Erik is also a Certified Change Leader for UN SDG’s.

Niels Boon

Niels Boon PhD


Niels received his PhD in 2012 from Utrecht University, with his thesis on electrostatics in ionic solution, followed by a postdoctoral position at Northwestern University, Chicago USA. In 2016, Niels was appointed Research fellow at Lund University, Sweden, where he studied the dynamics of polymers in solution with varying salinity. Niels has received several awards including Molecular Physics’ Longuet-Higgins Young author’s Prize for his publication “Blue energy: From ion adsorption and electrode charging in sea and river water”, and the Future Innovation Honorary Award from Lund University for a desalination device without pumps or valves.

Avsalt CMO Raymond Pazsit

Raymond Pazsit BSc (Hons)


In 2005 Raymond Pazsit existed the Swedish Armed Forces as a NBC Officer (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical warfare specialist) and moved to the UK to get a degree in Business Management and Marketing. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in 2008. After his studies he worked at Robert Bosch GmbH’s Automotive Aftermarket for a couple of years before moving back to Sweden to start his own marketing and sales business. Since then Raymond has been a driving force behind building up numerous sales and marketing divisions for a wide range of companies and organisations. For many years he specialized in working with Global NGO’s and has a passion for ventures with a good cause.       

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