The Board of directors of Avsalt AB appoints Anders Sjögren as new CEO

The Board of directors of Avsalt AB appoints Anders Sjögren as new CEO


The Board of Directors of Avsalt AB has appointed Anders Sjögren as new CEO, replacing Johan Säfholm. Anders Sjögren will start as CEO with immediate effect in June 2023.

Anders Sjögren as new CEO is based upon the ambition to increase Avsalt focus to commercialisation and customer relations. Anders Sjögren has a broad experience in leading and managing knowledge-based companies that have moved from research to commercialisation. Most recently Anders helt the position as CEO of Nasdaq First North listed Enersize, based in Lund. Anders is also a member of the Board of NASDAQ OMX Nordic Small Cap Listed company Anoto Group. Anders has a PhD in physics from the University of Lund.

Thomas Bengtsson, Chairman of the Board of Avsalt, comments: “I am very pleased to announce Anders Sjögren as new CEO of Avsalt. Having worked together with Anders previously I am confident about the leadership capabilities, ability to encourage colleagues, and execute product development with the aim of customer success, that Anders possesses. Anders has the energy and technical knowledge to bring Avsalt to the next phase of development, that should be of benefit for our shareholders and for the environment indeed with an ever growing need of desalination of water. I also want to thank Johan Säfholm for great work bringing Avsalt to the point of development as of today.”

Anders Sjögren, new CEO of Avsalt, comments: “Avsalt is bringing its new technology and products for desalination of water to a potentially huge market. When I first thought about the value of he company, the great need for fresh water in the world came to my mind first, but now I know that in fact there are many more, sometimes surprising, applications, that increases the chances for Avsalt to succeed to go from a research company to a product company. I am very happy for the confidence the board and founder place in me, to let me work hands- on with the company and its team in the exciting times to come.”