Developing the world's first

Low energy, scalable electric water desalination

Avsalt develops a desalination system with the aim to offer the world’s most efficient, cost effective and low energy solution to a growing problem – the shortage of drinkable water .

Energy Efficient Desalination

Desalination is at the core of the water-energy nexus. One of the biggest challenges desalination faces is energy efficiency. A desalination plant supplying water to 300,000 people is equivalent to a jumbo jet’s power. Reducing energy transformation steps is at the heart of an efficient desalination process.

Water Shortage - A Global Issue

Only 0.003% of water on earth is fresh and can be used for drinking, agriculture and industrial processes. Worldwide, 844 million people lack access to clean water. According to the Union of International Associations (UIA), secure and adequate water supply has become one of the most critical challenges the world is facing today.

Farm Water Onsite Treatment

Agriculture is the most fresh-water intensive activity and accounts for 70% of total usage globally. Desalination is essential for agriculture industry, providing viable fresh water from the sea and brackish sources. This, however, requires tailored, cheap and low energy solutions that can be implemented in situ.


An all-electric desalination system with high efficiency and sustainable footprint, adapted to the increasing shortage of high-quality potable water and farm water.

The technology is scalable and tailored towards desalinating brackish water. Ideal for onsite operation, the device uses porous carbon electrodes and can run on electricity from a solar panel – with no need of high pressures, chemicals, or expensive membranes.


Avsalt is developing a commercial energy-efficient desalination system.

Poor energy efficiency plagues all water desalting methods. Each cell uses multiple parallel porous electrodes with low applied voltages to desalt water. The device operates at low water pressure with constant flow, to perform orthogonal deionization without chemical reactions. The invention is scalable and deployable in-line for the desalting of brackish water.


We remove the salt from the water, instead of the water from the salt.

A laboratory proven desalination system with the aim to offer the world’s most efficient, cost effective and low-energy desalting technology. With porous electrodes and continuous flow, the system enables maximal ion separation and continuous flow. Avsalt’s technology is all-electric, and circumvents use of high operational pressures, membranes or moving parts – thereby maximizing efficiency, and minimizing energy losses and maintenance costs.

What is happening at Avsalt...

Avsalt AB at Ideon in Lund

Avsalt AB is established at Ideon Science Park Physicist Dr Niels Boon establishes spins out his patent pending desalination technology out of Lund University, and

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